Women’s Rights: Women face hurdles and challenges in all aspects of daily life that are unacceptable in today’s world. As your progressive candidate, I will champion women’s rights and work to amplify the voices of my female colleagues. I will defend the right of women to choose. Women have autonomy over their own bodies, and no legislative body has the right to interfere with that. I am a progressive candidate, a firm believer in the reproductive rights of women, and am determined to defend those rights. I am working hard to unseat Ron Noble who has historically voted against a women’s right to choose.

People, Not Politics: I will work to have government better serve Oregon’s taxpayers and maximize funding for services that Oregonians need. I am a firm believer in government transparency, there needs to be more interaction between the people and those who are supposed to represent them. Our polarized political climate has bred a mistrust in the American people making it more important now than ever for politicians to work with the community. During my campaign and while in office I have not and will not take money from corporate interest groups and declare my loyalty to my constituents.

Environment: Climate change is an issue we must attack straight on. I support efforts to combat climate disruption. I want to substantially increase the use of renewable energy. As we continue to see wildfires wreak havoc in Oregon we must work to create a sustainable future investment in renewable energy. Without political leaders who are determined to work towards a more energy efficient future, our environment will continue to feel the impact. I support legislation that will lead towards a clean, renewable future.

There are many renewable energy practices that Oregon can implement. To address the rise in wildfires as our global temperature increases per year, I am in favor of building wildlife corridors in areas of forests that are more susceptible to fire is one start. It would help create spacing between trees and wildlife that could prevent fires from continuously spreading and could still give animals a way to get through forests without being unduly exposed to humans.

Immigration: Our Federal government is failing those coming here for a better opportunity. No one should fear being separated from their family. On the federal level, I support comprehensive immigration reform. I oppose Trump’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which grants temporary stay to some undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as minors. I support legislation that provides a clear and more efficient path to citizenship and protects immigrant children so they are not separated from their families.

On the state level, I support extending local protections for those whose DACA protections were rescinded by Trump. I also support the anti-profiling laws in our state constitution and therefore I oppose Measure 105 which would repeal those protections.

Health Care: Everyone needs access to affordable, quality care, and I will fight for legislation that puts people first. The United States government lags far behind other developed countries in providing quality and affordable health care and it is past time to start closing that gap. I will be your representative who advocates for providing affordable, high-quality health care for all Oregonians.

Safe Communities: Of course safety is a top priority and an important issue to address at the state level. A key component to keeping our communities safe is addressing bias. I support racial bias awareness training. Becoming aware of subconscious biases will help officers keep all of us safe.

Equality and Social Justice: Every person should be able to live their lives openly and with dignity. Everyone deserves fair and equal treatment, and no person should be discriminated against based on race, sex, gender, religion or sexual preference. I have expressed support for progressive bills that will allow individuals to live their lives free of fear and inequity.

Despite our extremely polarized political climate, everybody deserves to have their voices heard, and no one should feel left out. I will be a representative who can work with both sides of the aisle to accomplish what needs to be done. I am eager to listen and will work to create a more inclusive, open community.

Homelessness: It has become apparent that cities and counties do not have the resources to deal effectively with our growing homeless populations. It is time for bold moves by the legislature to bolster and coordinate the efforts of cities, counties and private enterprise to develop regional solutions. The most effective tool for addressing homelessness is Supportive Transitional Housing. It is in these shelters that each individual is offered the support they need to climb the steps back into a home of their own. We must also go upstream and address the causes of homelessness: Insufficient physical and mental health care, lack of low-cost housing and wages not keeping up with rising housing costs, to name a few.